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Keyword Tools for Google

The Keyword Appraiser Tool collects, analyzes, and appraises Google search and advertising data for specific keywords, and ranks the results by Appraisal Score. Helping you to find the best SEO keywords at the lowest CPCs (costs-per-click).
The Keyword Suggester Tool lists various keyword ideas related to your particular product or service offerings. And just like the Keyword Appraiser Tool, it ranks each result by Appraisal Score. Helping you to find even more and better SEO keywords.
The Keyword Manager allows you to save your favorite keywords (and their associated metrics) found through both the Keyword Appraiser and Keyword Suggester Tools, along with additional value added features. Click the link above to learn more.
Gain a competitive advantage. Know what products are in high demand and short supply. The Prolifix Keyword Tools help you find the best products to sell online.

Optimize your website for Google Search and find the best keywords for Google AdWords. The Prolifix Keyword Tools were created with one goal in mind; to assist online businesses, SEO professionals, and content creators in getting more traffic to their websites. The Keyword Tools do so by collecting, analyzing, and appraising Google search and advertising data in order to identify the best keywords with the lowest CPCs (costs-per-click).

The Keyword Tools are intended to assist online businesses and search engine optimization professionals in gaining a competitive advantage and getting their listings to the top of the search results pages. They do so by not only analyzing keywords, but also appraising them based on various factors such as; Search Volume, Competition, and Gross Margin-To-CPC Ratio - allowing you to quickly and easily identify the best keywords for SEO.

You may select to use the Keyword Appraiser Tool in order to get statistics for a specific keyword, or use the Keyword Suggester Tool to get various keyword ideas related to your particular product or service offerings - with every result being ranked by Appraisal Score. The Keyword Manager saves each search result and allows you to prioritize keywords for easy reference, along with offering 100's of keyword suggestions and providing Keyword Trends.

The Prolifix Keyword Tools offer a better alternative to the Google Keyword Planner, and provide value-added features not found with any other keyword tool on the market.
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